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A creature lives in the old hotel, a shop in the high street is full of ghosts and a rat cult is growing restless. Thank goodness Lucy’s home town is getting a new Fries store.

Everybody loves Fries.

Fries are the greatest company this world has ever seen. From their beginnings as a small IT company they now help the Third World and the environment, spread Peace, Love and Unity and sell the most nutritionally balanced junk food ever invented. There might be a suggestion there is something creepy about them and they are trying to rule the world but, on the plus side, their fries taste great.

Everybody Loves Fries.

Everybody except Lucy. She lies to her friends, is embarrassed by her mum and wishes her dad would get off the sofa occasionally. She does not hate Fries, no one can, but when they want to knock down the old hotel and make a strange creature homeless she begins to have doubts. She begins her struggling against spies, lies, and her own craving for Fries.

Everybody Loves Fries

It’s a taste to die for.

Fries is available in print and ebook.
ISBN: 978-1916429802


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